SAGEMONOYA Newsletter back Number Vol.8

Dogs and Puppies

The zodiac animal for 2018 is the Dog.

Various types of dog designs are found in the Netsuke world, including western-style dogs most likely introduced by Dutchmen centuries ago.

親子犬 象牙刻

Bitch and Young Ivory Signed MITSUHARU 18th C 51㎜

犬に鮑 象牙刻 親子犬 木刻
(L) Puppy with Abalone Shell Ivory Signed OKATOMO 18th C 39㎜ (R) Bitch and Puppies Wood Signed SHINZAN (4th MASANAO of Ise generation) 20th C 47㎜
犬に鮑 象牙刻 仔犬に蹴鞠
(L) Puppy with Abalone Shell Ivory Unsigned 18th C 42㎜ (R) Puppy with a Ball Ivory Signed TOMOTADA 18th C 41㎜
仔犬 木刻1 仔犬 木刻2
(L) Puppy Wood Unsigned 19th C 32㎜ (R) Puppy Wood Signed SHORAKU 19th C 34㎜

And here is a one-of-a-kind 18th century Netsuke
of an entertainer and a puppy:

Entertainer with Puppy Ivory 18th C 28㎜

A Netsuke depicting an entertainer wearing a dog-face headgear feeding a puppy on a pedestal presumably in an attempt to teach him a trick.

By the Tokugawa Iemitsu shogunate era (1624-1645), trick-performing dogs were already an entertaining spectacle in venues such as Shijokawara in Kyoto.

Puppy and Temari Ball Wood Signed MASATOMO 19th C 37㎜

Yukari Yoshida
SAGEMONOYA Gallery Tokyo

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